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We are parents just like you! Kabrina has been signing for 10 years and brought Jimmy along for the journey when they started dating in early 2011. In 2012 Kabrina had the opportunity to work at her favorite place on the planet ,Disneyland, and she jumped at it. During her time there she was able to help train CastMembers in how to use technology to help those who were blind and Deaf as well as be one of the primary writers on a guide to the Park for Autistic individuals. Soon after she started teaching classes in American Sign Language and started to see the gap left in the world from the lack of resources that could be found in one place. After hours of searching and trying to find resources for her students, she finally started developing her own and this is where Imagination Signing was born.

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Learning the Basics

We start with the basics so that you have a solid foundation of American Sign Language. You will start by learning the Alphabet, Numbers, and other basic everyday signs, so that you and your family can start practicing and seeing results right away.

Fun Activities and Resources

After you have some basics down, we provide you with lots of resources and fun  activities to help you and your family practice at home. Some of these resources include flashcards, sensory play games and activities, and quizzes within the course. We want this to be a fun experience for everyone in the family so you will find activities for all age ranges in each lesson to reinforce the signs learned in that section.

Language Structure

Just like any other language, American Sign Language has its own syntax, structure, and word order that you will want to implement into your learning. We will walk you through how to start using this structure in everyday activities so that it becomes a habit early on in your signing journey.

Learning About the Community

Sign Language is not a manual version of English. American Sign Language is actually a vibrant language with a culture, history, and people that we will teach you about so that your family can have even more ways to connect with people who use sign language and are apart of this beautiful community.



Imagination Signing Founded

Imagination Signing started from a love of American Sign Language and the desire for Kabrina and Jimmy to teach their daughter full language ASL to help with tantrums as well as start her on the path of being bilingual. After years of signing, Kabrina realized that teaching a whole family to sign was not as easy as she had hoped and she knew she had to make it easier for families.



First Classes

Kabrina started teaching in-person classes to families as well as taking on private clients to get to know what people were really needing and what resources people were using. She found that there was almost no resources out there and parents were struggling to find everything that they needed in one place. Living far away from any other local Sign Language resources, she was able to see what it was like for parents who depended on the internet for just a snippet of what they were looking for to help them communicate with their child.



Imagination Signing Joins the World Wide Web

The day finally came when Kabrina and Jimmy were ready to start exploring the idea of creating resources for families online and this is where the Imagination Singing blog was born. With much technical trial and error Kabrina spent her days learning the ins and outs of the internet and finding ways to give as much value as possible to searching parents.



Thrive Launches

This coming March Imagination Signing’s signature course Thrive will launch and give parents the information they need to get started signing everyday with their child and family. Thrive was created to not only teach the ASL signs, but to teach full language to families as a unit in order to give communication to all involved.

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