When God Calls: Hevi Kabisa!

Isn’t it funny how we never hear or see God until we are in a pickle? Rather the problem is that we do not try to hear or see God until we have reached a point where it seems like we cannot return. Then, BOOM, there God is in our face because He has been pursuing us all along. He knew what was going on, He knew we were desperate, and He was just waiting for us to turn our face towards him and listen.


If you have little ones or are a nostalgic Disney fan (I raise my hand for both!), you have probably seen the Lion Guard in one form or another. If you have not seen the movie kick off of the show, I highly recommend it. However, there are some great lessons in the Lion Guard that come out through adorable characters and cute phrases.


One of those phrases is from the star of the show Kion, who is the son of Simba and Nala. (Nostalgic of your childhood yet?) is Hevi Kabisa! This phrase means totally intense in Swahili. Keep that in mind for this next part.


Kion finds out he is leader of the Lion Guard and starts to assemble his friends, who he feels are the strongest, fastest, bravest, and keenest of sight. However, Kiara finds out, letting Simba know that Kion has assembled his friends, which gets Kion in trouble and he feels lost in his calling.


Like in any good Disney movie, there is a song to move the story forward and Kion explains that he thought that this was his call and now he is not sure. Just when it seems like he is going to give up, BOOM Mufasa (AKA God in our lives) is right there saying that He is there for him and that this is his calling that was ordained for him before the beginning of time (because you have to be born with the “gift” of the roar). When he hears Mufasa, the first thing he says is, “Hevi Kabisa!” because when you hear God it is TOTALLY INTENSE!


Just like Kion, we all have a calling (1 Peter 2:9). Whether you heard the call yesterday or thirty years ago, God made you for a purpose and He wants to tell you what that purpose is and make it known to you. called into our purpose in life and sometimes that dream God placed in us doesn’t seem like it is happening, but seek God and He will place you on the path that leads to your calling. Even when the people around you seem too think you are too young, too old, not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not a good enough mom, too strong willed, or what ever people say about you, keep on keeping on because God is behind you when you are aligned in your calling and people can see it just like the lions in the sky.


How do you experience God? What is a Hevi Kabisa moment you have had?

2 thoughts on “When God Calls: Hevi Kabisa!”

  1. This is what I needed. I do feel that God is there when I want to give up on things. I love how much insight you gave to this, we can learn from anything whether it’s even a children’s movie. Thank you for sharing!!

    1. I’m glad you liked it! I have learned a lot from being a parent and I appreciate that Disney gives me great talking points for everyday life.

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