3 Ways to Ease Constipation During Pregnancy



I don’t know about you, but for me, pregnancy equals constipation. Being able to poop like a normal person is such a wonderful thing that we (or maybe just I) took for granted before pregnancy. My first pregnancy, I had no idea that there was issues down there and didn’t feel comfortable talking about it to anyone to ask for help, so I suffered through it. I did find some ways to help get things moving down there that I hope will assist you in your journey to bathroom bliss. Note: If you are having these issues please try these suggestions, but PLEASE talk to your doctor about it as well. These are all opinions of my own and you try these at your own risk. You can read my whole discloser policy here.
1. Drink Lots of Water.
I know everyone is telling you this, but it is harder than it sounds. Drinking as much water as they want you to during pregnancy takes resolve. I always felt like all I did was have a water bottle strapped to my mouth and my doctor STILL told me I wasn’t drinking enough water, so make a plan. Ask your doctor how much water you should be drinking for your situation because it may be more than Google suggests.

2. Put Lemon in Your Water

Fruit is amazing at making things better in our bodies. Lemon in your water has many benefits, but helping ease your constipation is one of them. Try slicing a large lemon and placing it in a pitcher of water. Place another slice or two in a glass and sip on that all day since you have to drink as much water as a camel anyways.


3. Make Yourself a Smoothie

I love Jamba Juice, but going there everyday gets a little pricey, so I started making my own Strawberry Wild smoothie at home. There are some great recipes out there on Pinterest so find one that you like and make one everyday. I am partial to easy and fast so I chose a banana strawberry mix. (Click here to get the recipe)

Did any of these suggestions work for you? Have your tried something else that we should know about?

happy mommying


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