Top 10 Melissa and Doug Toys of the Season…Plus Exclusive Discounts!


Is there any better toy than one that helps your child learn and have fun at the same time? No, there is not! This is why I am IN LOVE with Melissa and Doug toys. Every toy we have purchased or received as a gift is used again and again and again by our children.


We have a whole drawer of puzzles that we use to help us teach them colors, shapes, animals, you name it!


So because I am in love with Melissa and Doug, I have researched and compared toys from across the board to bring you the best of the best this holiday season. Without further ado, The Melissa and Doug Top 10 Toys of the season!



This was a very hard spot to fill because so many of the toys this year are adorable and multi functional, but I had to go with the Turtle Ball Pit to top off our list!


This adorable ball pit is really comfy for your littles and it keeps the ball mostly contained. Kids can play with the side mirror, as well as put the balls in and out of the holes on the side making this a great interactive toy for long play times while I do the dishes….uh I mean while Jr. plays educationally.



With the recent release of Finding Dory, my little ones are a little (really it’s A LOT) obsessed with fish and anything that has to do with them.


When my daughter saw this classic toy she had to have it! The Catch and Count Magnetic Fishing Rod Set is an A++ toy for children to play pretend and for you to have conversations about counting along with number and color recognition. We like to make up games like having to catch the same color or number fish so that we can talk about that specific color or number.

I honestly have spent hours playing with this toy because I like it so much…I mean my daughter likes it… Maybe it’s both of us…



The Self-Correcting Alphabet Letter Puzzles and Self-Correcting Number Puzzles are a great combination present or solo gift.

It is great that they do not fit with other puzzle pieces besides there match because I do not have to sit right there and help as they do the puzzles. They keep searching until they find the piece that fits while they are realizing what letter goes with what picture and how many butterflies are on the puzzle piece corresponds with the number on the other side.



If you are doing preschool or have a little one learning numbers and letters this is the perfect gift to help them learn while playing!



I seriously can not get over how cute this next toy is! The Beep-Beep and Play Activity Toy is adorable!


It is a sweet little car for the youngest driver in your house! With a steering wheel and key, your little one will be able to speed through milestones of sitting up, turning a wheel, and playing pretend!



The Nesting and Sorting Barns and Animals set is a great way to see how many animals correspond with the number as well as have some great pretend play! Since this time of life is all about animals sounds, why not enhance that with counting and pretend play?




Have you ever had a toy you like playing with as much as, if not more than your kids? Well the Wooden Stack and Count Parking Garage is that toy in our house.


It is really fun to stack the cars, but you would be amazed what we can create with furniture and boxes around the house for the perfect raceway! There is an endless amount of play with this toy and you have the ability to talk about colors and numbers as they race to the finish line!



Your little Prince or Princess will love building and knocking down the Castle Blocks Wooden Play Set!


With characters to pretend with as well as blocks to construct the perfect castle, this toy provides hours of play and teaches kids that gravity really does exist J




The idea of being unequally yoked takes on a whole new meaning with the Slice and Sort Wooden Eggs. This toy encourages children in matching the same colors together, but it is a great tool to use to talk about what colors are made when colors are mixed as well.



Melissa and Doug have SO many cute baby toys out this year! It was hard to pick! However, one of my favorites is the Bird House Shape Sorter.


This cute little birdhouse has many different birds to help your child learn shapes! I love to pretend they are flying and talk about what birds say, while telling stories about each bird. Your little one will have fun carrying these sweet birds around and flying them into their correct door.



Last, but certainly not least is the Bug Jug Fill and Spill!


These little bugs are adorable critters to have around the house for pretend play and maybe some laughs when the spider gets lost in the bed! With fun sounds little hands can learn to shake and squeeze these bugs as well as talk about all the wonderful things these bugs do in the world!


I am so excited about the specials that Melissa and Doug are offering my readers during the holiday season!


From November 24, 2016 to November 28, 2016, you can get free shipping on orders over $19!


Free Shipping on Orders Over $19 at Melissa And Doug. Use Code FS19

This is a great way to send things to people across the country without paying for shipping later and you have SO MANY CHOICES with Melissa and Doug.


And During the Black Friday weekend (November 25 to November 27, 2016) You can get 10% off $25-$49 | 20% off $50-$99 | 30% off $100+


Celebrate Black Friday all Weekend at Melissa & Doug: Enjoy Up To 30% Off. Use Code HOLIDAY16


But wait! THERE’S MORE!!!


On November 28, 2016 you can take advantage of their Buy One Get One 50% off sale as well with this link!


One Day Sale: Buy One Get One 50% Off at Melissa And Doug. Use Code BOGO50



Because you are one of my readers, Melissa and Doug is offering a few specials that you can only get here at Imagination Signing!


From today until November 27, 2016 You get 20% off $20 or more on vehicles


20% Off Orders of $20 or More on Vehicles at Melissa & Doug. Use Code VS20

From November 28 to December 4, 2016 get 20% off $20 or more on Pretend Play Toys


20% Off Orders of $20 or More on Pretend Play Toys at Melissa & Doug. Use Code PP20

What toys did you decide to get for your littles? Let me know below!


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