The Love Notes Lesson

Marriage can be a difficult thing to keep up with. We tend to put everything in front of our spouse because this world has us so busy our heads our spinning. So days, weeks, even months may go by before we realize that we have talked about more than just the kids and how work went that day.


I know my husband and I found ourselves in this exact place not too long ago and we had to fix it. We didn’t want to wake up one morning and wonder who we were lying next to once the kids were gone because we had drifted away from each other. We decided that instead of letting everything around us determine how life went, we were going to be intentional about making time for each other and connecting, even if just by a note.


We came across a box that looked like a book, and if you have been reading my posts for long you KNOW I love those, and decided to get one to put love notes to each other in. This made it easy to find notes and keep them in one place, as well as look super cute in our kitchen. J


When we dated we wrote love notes all the time and I kept everyone. They sit in a file that I go back to now and then to remember all those gushy feelings you have when you are dating and engaged.


I want you to think about all the wonderful things that made you fall in love with your spouse in the first place. Stop for a moment to remember your first kiss, your engagement, and your wedding. Remember the silly times and the hard times you made it through together. Even if you feel like your marriage is not in a good place right now you can help change that for the better!


So here is your challenge: Write a love letter to your spouse every day for 30 days, even if they don’t write one back. Tell them why you fell in love with them, what makes you smile, your favorite memory of them and just see how your marriage grows! You can download the Love Notes Lesson Printable below to give you some ideas!


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Tell me what you found after a day, a week, and the month! How did your spouse react?

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