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I am so excited you are here to learn about all the great things that women just like you have to offer in purpose, inspiration, and encouragement!

The Matters of Motherhood, or #TheMOM, was dreamt up as I laid in bed nursing my little one during the wee hours of the morning. I had spent my day working and reading comment after comment from moms who didn't know where to go or who to ask questions about major life dilemmas, so they took to Facebook. You can imagine there were good responses, but a lot of terrible ones as well.

That's when it struck me that there was no place where moms could connect and have trusted resources at their fingertips.

The Matter of Motherhood is just that; a place where you can find a community to connect with as well as trusted resources, products, and services that go through a vetting process before you ever hear about them.

I am passionate about seeing moms live out their dreams and providing all the information and resources so that you beautiful ladies can run in the direction of your dreams!

I am always here for questions and I would love to hear from you! Come connect with me and other moms in the exclusive Facebook Group and check out our latest episodes!

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