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When we moved into our house, I had a laundry list of things that needed to be done to fix up or maintain different parts of the house. One of these was getting our dryer vent and house vents cleaned. I Googled local places read tons of reviews and ran into the same thing everywhere; the super trusted charged an arm and a leg and the others had some good and bad reviews. I didn’t know where to turn or who to ask since we were so new to the area. So, I picked one and they did okay, but left a mess and what they did I really could have done myself if I had purchased a vacuum with a hose.


The hardest thing I’ve found about owning a home is finding someone you can trust to fix it. I wanted someone I could trust who wasn’t going to add charges on after a quoted price.


And then I found Amazon Home Services!

If you need calking on your tub redone, a doorbell installed, plumbing, or painting they have people who are trusted to help! Pretty much anything you can think of they have a service for, and because I trust Amazon I know I can trust the people they are suggesting to me as well. Amazon even has a Happiness Guarantee so they stand behind every service and will make it right or give a refund if something goes wrong.



This has made the headache of finding the right person or company to do a job SO MUCH EASIER! I don’t have to spend a whole afternoon calling around and reading reviews!


This service puts my mind at ease and saves me precious time that I need to work, clean my house, play with my kids, teach, and find these awesome things for all of you!


If you are like me you were thinking of all the things that you need to get to in your home and what better time to knock out a few with this great service!


I would love to see some before and after pictures of your projects! Comment below and let me know what you are working on next!


What are you going to work on next? Did you find the service you were looking for? Check out all the awesome people out there who can do the job right the first time!

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