9-12 Months Sensory Play

Your baby is almost a year old! If you are anything like me, you are sitting here looking at how big they are and looking back at pictures of how small they were! It is an exciting time and your baby is getting smarter everyday! Your little one will be starting to think about walking and moving around a lot faster than they have in the past, making you a tired Mama. You will see them start to grow into a toddler as they get closer and closer to their first birthday. Moving is what you and your little one will be doing a lot of during this stage and our play will reflect that. Activities such as rolling a ball, reading together (Get ready for some killer baby book reviews!), and cause and effect games will be put in place to help you and your little one connect during play time as well as teach them more about how this world works. Don’t be surprised when your baby finds your shoes and puts them in their mouth or tries them on as well. They are very interested in doing things that grown-ups like you do and imitating that. This is a time to be especially careful with words and actions because they will start to repeat them. My daughter saw a little boy hit another child and came home only to start the “game” with us. When something like this happens it is difficult not to want to spank them (in love of course) and tell them not to do it again, but this particular situation should be handled a bit differently. Some ways to help with hitting in particular is time-out or sitting down and reading a book like Hands Are Not For Hitting by Elizabeth Verdick (read the review here) to explain why not to do it rather than using the same action as punishment.

When signing with your child, they will start picking up signs that they have only seen once or twice. If you watch Baby Signing Time, Signing Time, or Blues Clues you may start to see those signs manifest themselves as well, so keep up! You don’t want your baby to be asking for something you don’t know the sign for! Many parents want to stop signing at this point because their child has a few words and may sign and say the word at the same time. I strongly suggest to keep signing! This will help with the terrible two’s when they do not know how to express themselves as well as build their vocabulary before they can physically say the word. For more benefits of signing as well as the links to scientific research please click here. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about continuing sign language with your child please feel free to contact me at If you are just learning about American Sign Language there are many benefits for you and your child you can read about starting signing here and if you have any questions please contact me.

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