6-9 Months Sensory Play

Remember the saying “Social Butterfly”? Well your baby is very much one right now! Flashing smiles, making up silly sounds, and waving to everyone is a normal part of this stage for your baby. As your baby starts to crawl, this will open up lots of possibilities for play and exploring the world around them. “Gumming safe” (Objects that can be put in the mouth) sensory boxes will be introduced during this section and will get more elaborate as your child grows. You will also see that your baby will start to plan and do basic problem solving during this stage of development. For example, if there is a forbidden object (such as a lamp) on a table, your baby may pull himself up to that object and follow it as you move it to the other side of the table. Your baby does not quite understand why it is off limits yet and wants to be the first to “discover” it.

We will be playing some fun “Peek-a-boo” games as well because your child is starting to understand that objects are there even when they cannot be seen (object permanence).

If you have chosen to use American Sign Language with your baby this is the stage you will start to see those signs you have been teaching for the last few months appear. They may not be the exact way you showed them, but keep showing them the signs correctly and they will start to correct those themselves. For example, my daughter loved Bear in the Big Blue House and instead of signing Bear correctly, she would sign Bear with two hands under her chin grabbing. When this happens say something like, “Great job signing Bear (sign correctly)! You are so smart! Do you want to watch Bear (sign correctly again)?” My daughter would nod yes, because she had not quite figured out the sign for yes yet, and we would let her watch her show. Try and give your child what they asked for so they do not get frustrated, but keep in mind soon saying no and explaining why as well as distracting will come in handy when your little asks for something nicely (signing please) and they cannot have it (like chocolate or Mommy’s coffee). If you are just joining us and are interested in starting your child on signing, don’t worry! It is NEVER too late to learn! Feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns you may have as well as click here to get more information on signing with your child.

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