3-6 Months Sensory Play

Welcome to the stage of many visible changes! If you have been playing with us for the first few months, you remember that we used a good amount of simple sensory play to stimulate the senses and to introduce vocabulary and rhythm to your baby. We will be continuing with those, however, we will get some more “fun” play as many Daddies like to call it where there will be more interaction with your little one. Now that your baby is starting to become more mobile, they are also able to have more control over their environment. Now, they cannot drive the car, but they can hold, grasp, sign, and move in ways that help them get what they want and need.

This is a great and appropriate time to start using American Sign Language with your baby. If you have not heard of signing with your baby you can view several posts here. You can also contact me at with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have and I will be happy to help you in anyway I can.

We will be adding some great finger rhymes, lap play, and some whole body play that will have you and your little one grinning from ear to ear. So get ready for some fun and excitement and have that camera ready for those ADORABLE laughs and smiles your bundle will be giving you during your time playing together!

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