18-24 Months Sensory Play

If your toddler is not already climbing on everything, they will be soon! Half the fun of their day is getting on and off the bed, couch, and chairs around the house as well as hanging on grown-up legs to get attention and to “show” you their latest discovery! Your toddler can now put two or three words together such as, “I want”, “that’s mine” or “book please” and has a good grasp on everything around them (pun intended). Some of the play that you will see in this section will build on the past section as well as show you more ideas for sensory bottles, outdoor play, and sharing activities.


When signing with your child, you will see that signs that may have been hard to read are becoming more clear, they are signing more consistently, and may be asking for more signs for things they are interested in such as a firefighter or a dancer. If you have not already looked into an ASL Dictionary you can purchase one here. This will help you look up signs you are not sure of as well as give you more content to teach your little one. If you have any questions about signing with your child or would like to start, please contact me at

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