12-18 Months Sensory Play

Your baby is getting more and more mobile everyday and will probably be walking before they reach 18 months old. You will start to hear more and more chitter chatter from your little one who may already say Mommy, Daddy, dog and other simple words. This is a great time to focus on animals and their sounds! You will be amazed when you ask your little one, “What does a horse say?” when they respond, “Neigh!” with glee! You can learn the signs for animals and some fun songs to work on sounds here. We will also be working on the awesome fine motor skills your little one has been developing during this stage. Activities such as hand movement songs and rhymes, dress-up, and water play will be main staples during this stage. Also feel free to keep using the play techniques learned in previous sections because repetition is great for you child.


If you are just joining us please read through some of the past activities to do with your child because we will be building on some of those activities such as sensory bins.


If you are signing with your child, they are going to start needing more words to communicate all the things they are discovering in the world. This is a great time to consider purchasing an ASL dictionary (You can order a great one here) for those moments when they want to know the sign for flower and you don’t know it yet. As I have mentioned before if you have never signed with your child it is NEVER too late to start and there are so many benefits you can read about here. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me at as well.

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