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0-3 Months Sensory Play

During the first few months, it can be difficult to see any development, however this is the time when your child will be learning all about the world around them. Your baby is very aware of your touch, smell, and the way your voice as well as other familiar adults sound. Many parents hear the stories about babies who knew who Daddy was as soon as they heard them as that Daddy rocked them in his arms for the first time, and this will be true for Mommy as well as siblings that are around. When I was pregnant with my second, my daughter would come up and say hi and would sob as well when she was upset and my little peanut would kick inside at her crying. Parents of multiple children say that the noise babies hear in the womb and right after birth is why they are so calm and many times, can sleep through anything. Your baby is using all their senses to take in the world. You will start to see those tiny fists opening and closing and arms moving around as your baby gazes at you and other colorful objects intently. This is a wonderful time for sensory play because your baby will be rapidly accessing everything you do.


In this section, you will see many activities that have to do with scarf play, rattles, and songs. These will introduce the big world to your little bundle in some fun and creative ways for you to enjoy together.

0-3 Months Sensory Play: Lighting


0-3 Months Sensory Play: Smiles


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