Easy DIY Ribbon Bookmarks


I know not every person is great at crafting and we tend to laugh at the Pinterest fails floating around the internet, so here is a cute and easy to make bookmark for your Bible, planner, book, or whatever you need it for!

What You Will Need:
~Clear Nail Polish

I chose 3 different ribbons that matched nicely together because I am not good at making not matching look cool and I really liked the hearts and fluff this ribbon had to offer!


I then cut each ribbon into 5“ strips and put a tiny bit of clear nail polish at the ends to make sure it did not fray.

IMG_20160821_214845                IMG_20160821_215247


After the nail polish was dry, I tied each strip to a paperclip to create my little bookmarks.


They look so cool in my planner and I can hardly wait for my Beautiful Word Bible to get here so I can put them in there as well!

What ribbon did you end up choosing? Show me a picture in the book, planner, or anything else you are using these in!IMG_20160821_215320

6 thoughts on “Easy DIY Ribbon Bookmarks”

  1. Very clever! Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us at Merry Monday. I’m all excited about fall and can’t wait to see all the fall food and projects at the new party starting tonight!

    1. Thank you! I am also excited for all the new color to come out and I will be over to explore more fun crafts!

  2. So cute! It would be pretty with a whole set of different ribbons in coordinating colors all through the book.

    1. I completely agree! I’m off to Michaels today!

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! When you make some send me a picture!

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