Awesome Jeans for Back to School Bliss!

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Now that my daughter is getting older, I am finding out just how much girls like clothes… and let me just tell you it is a lot!

It is crazy to see how the sweet baby that popped out of me almost 3 years ago is now asking for specific princess dresses and has her set few favorite pairs of clothes.

This kid literally has more clothes than I ever dreamed was possible (thanks Nana!), and I hear myself saying on a regular basis, “Why don’t they make this in my size?!”

One of those cute things I found myself saying that about this week is the new jeans at Crazy8! They are so stinkin’ cute and they have them in 7 different washes!

Crazy 8 Sale On Now!


I am personally partial to this adorable pair of jeggings that my daughter will be wearing with all of her cute summer tops and going into fall with the warm colors because they match everything! And you can’t beat the price!

I have also been finding out that my daughter doesn’t quite get the concept of money, so anything she sees is fair game whether we are running through the Nordstrom entrance at the Mall to get to the Disney Store, or we are in the clearance section at Target; price is not her issue.

This is why I love Crazy8 as well! I can walk into the store, buy a few COMPLETE outfits and not be broke for the next months from clothing my children. My daughter loves them and asks for particular outfits, or several throughout the day (AHHH LAUNDRY!), to dress up in because they are cute and comfy for her to dance around the house in. The clothes also last through the mud pies and rolling in the grass that we are all of a sudden obsessed with doing every time we go to the park.

(Like literally this kid could play in the dirt ALL STINKIN’ DAY!)

Did I also mention that all of the summer stuff is up to 75% off?! Talk about buying for next year! And since it is still unbearably hot here in Colorado we may be wearing these styles into November because Colorado is on PMS again with the weather.

Any-who, I would love to see what styles your kids are OBSESSED with as school is getting ready to start!

Snap a pic and tag me on Instagram in your favorite Crazy8 outfit at #imaginationsigning!


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