0-3 Months Sensory Play: Smiles

Who doesn't like babies smiling? It is SO cute and you can get some great pictures out of it too! 

This is going to seem like a super simple sensory game, but it is so important for building a bond between you and your baby as well as teaching social and emotional skills. 

Sitting on a couch or in a chair place your baby in your arms, moving baby to where they can see you. Say your baby's name and smile really big. You know that super awkward smile that is really animated. Start having a conversation with your baby, for example:

"Sarah! Hi baby girl! You are so cute and mommy loves you! Oh, I love your smile! That was such a pretty smile! Are you happy my sweet girl?!"

This will start your baby developing emotional awareness, social and emotional skills, and language as you play and talk with your baby.

Don't forget to have a camera ready! You may just get that picture for your Christmas card this year!

One thought on “0-3 Months Sensory Play: Smiles”

  1. Love this. We do this a lot with my little guy. He’s 4 months old now but still huge smiles and learning to laugh.

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