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In todays podcast we talked about...

We talked about being Stary Eyed, even in the hard times. How are you taking


care of yourself spiritually, emotionally, and physically? How are you connecting


with other people to help each other?



The little moments in life on our spectrum of light and darkness can be the best


memories, especially in our mommy-fast life. With the expectation to be beautiful,


thin, educated, have a great job, social life, dinner on the table, there is always a


lot going on. But, mama, you are doing great! No one is perfect and the perfection


you see in your Facebook, Twitter, and Insta feed is only a snapshot of someone


else's life. Things may not look as peachy inside that bigger picture. I know it is


hard not to compare yourself to all those other moms out there, but




You are wonderful and being the best mom you can be!



We also talked about Fit4Mom, which is one of my favorite organizations on the





Here is a link to find the closest one to





Find the Fit4Mom Nearest You





They are AMAZING and you may just make a few mommy friends.


Remember it takes a village, so FIND YOUR TRIBE


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Remember that fun, relaxing FREEBIE I talked about?



Well here it is! Four of my favorite Adult Coloring Pages all in one download for you!



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Here are some links to other great coloring pages as well

Dawn Nicole Designs


Inspirational Quotes Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids


Just Color


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