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Do You Take Any Time for You Mama?

Being conscious about the time you take for yourself is so important in our go, go, go world. Joanne tells us that just 30 minutes a day can be some of the best rejuvination to help you though your busy day. Take a moment for you and hear what Joanne has to say about taking time for you and take courage in her advise that you can do this Mama! Join us for The Matters of Motherhood Season 1, Episode 3! We are so glad you came!

Show Notes

In todays podcast we talked about...

We talked about Taking the time to take care of you and what that looks like in our busy, everyday lives. Joanne walked us through some great tips about taking 30 minutes a day for ourselves in order to have the energy to pour into others. She went on to explain that this 30 minutes a day, although we think it is a lot, is actually only about 2% of our day! Let me say that again, 2%! Ladies, we need to be taking this small amount of time for ourselves to take a breather from the go, go, go that overtakes our life! We are so caught up trying to keep up with the Jones' that we forget that those small moments that we keep missing are the most precious and the ones that really make the difference. Your kids are not going to remember all the toys they had, they are going to remember the moments you were together and spending time making memories. Taking a moment for yourself will not only be beneficial to you, but also to everyone around you because you will not be completely drained and have nothing left to give them. We also talked about the importance of planning and how when you do not plan, you plan to fail.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin Click To Tweet

Joanne gave us some AMAZING Freebies on how to get our lives planned, starting with a printable meal planner to help with the everyday problem of now chowing down on pop tarts and Starbucks (GUILTY!)


We want you to take these resources and run with them! Tell us of these resources have helped you and the baby steps you have been implementing into your life to make more time for you and to refill your tank before you go to fill others!


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