How Accessible is Your Church?


You are 7 questions away from getting your church in the right direction to being more accessible to people with disabilities!


Have you ever wondered about people with disabilities in your church? Can they get where they need to go easily? Can they access the message? Are there ministries in place for them?


Well here is your chance to find out how well your church is doing! Take our 7 question quiz and get access to more articles and information that will help your church continue to blossom in this area of accessibility!


Take the Quiz!!!


Welcome to your Church Accessibility

I am so happy you are taking the first step to being a more accessible church by finding out what you have in place and what you don't! At the end of this quiz there will be a comment box for you to leave any comments such as:

~ Other questions we should ask

~ Your questions you may have about accessibility

~ And anything else you want to let me know about!



Does your church have accessible parking?


Does your church have accessible seating in the service?reserved-sign-1428235_1280


wheelchair-43877_1280Does your church have a ramp and/or elevators to help those with disabilities to different areas in the church?

4) Do you have any programs for children with disabilities?child-1144064_1280

5) Do you have any type of disability ministry?child-1144064_1280

6) Do you have an interpreter, closed captioning, and braille signs?okay-293951_1280

7) What comments or questions can I help you with?

Thank you for completing the Church Accessibility quiz! You will be emailed the results in a few seconds! If you have any questions or want to follow up with me on how to get started, just hit reply in the email you are about to receive or email me at! You will also begin receiving valuable resources to get your church started in the right direction as part of our Image Builders Newsletter!



Want more information or consulting to get in the right direction? Feel free to send your questions to Kabrina budwell at


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