Helping Your Wife Through Postpartum Depression

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2 thoughts on “Helping Your Wife Through Postpartum Depression”

  1. I had PND with both kids. I got by without medication first time so thought I could the second time too – I WAS WRONG!! “giving in” and taking the meds was the best thing I ever did. Thanks for sharing your story and giving these tips. It is really hard for the partners, I was so horrible and husband was so understanding and kind that to this day I still have nightmares that he will leave because he can’t forgive the person I became.

    As an aside: we have date nights at home too. We buy a nice bottle of champagne and nice cheese and crackers, some nice sweets and watch a movie (or tv show! because we can’t stay up for a movie with a bit of champagne in the system!). We hang out – no phones, iPads or technology. Its kind of cool 🙂

    1. My PPD was worse the second time around as well. Being a go getter, it was weird to not have the motivation to get up and get anything accomplished. I am so glad you found some relief with medication because it does take a toll, not just on your partner, but you as well. It sounds like you have a wonderful husband, have you talked with him about your nightmares?

      We love our time alone at night on “dates”! I bake cookies and we eat ice cream while watching a funny show like Last Man Standing because I have a hard time sitting through anything that is not a Disney movie. 🙂 But the no technology makes a big difference! We don’t realize how much we are on it!

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