Who Was Edith Stein? Featuring Bethanie Ryan

Who is Edith Stein?

And why does she matter? Bethanie Ryan tells us who this woman was and how she impacted, and continues to impact our life today. With her knowledge of the woman soul and her compassion for women through ministry, let Bethanie lighten you day with some great history that will get your wheels turning and may make you want to learn more!

Show Notes

In todays podcast we talked about...

We talked about Edith Stein and her effect on the world. Bethanie Ryan gave us a beautiful history of Edith Stein and how this history effected her writing in a way that still helps women today.

Bethanie gave us a clearer understanding of what it means to be feminine and how that is a blessing in our everyday interactions with people.

As women we are able to empathize and be present with people in a different way then men and have a strong mothering instinct to help people along the way in whatever way we can.

We tend to think of others before ourselves and give love when it is needed.

To help us on our journey Bethanie has put together some beautiful coloring pages for you to use and to take some time to wind down with.

Just like last week when Joanne Proctor talked to us about taking the time for us, these coloring pages are the perfect thing to help you so that this week. Find a lovely spot, a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the solace of coloring and creating!

What did you think of Edith Stein? Do you want to learn more about her?

Let us know in the comments and feel free to reach out with suggestions and feedback of what you want to see on The Matters of Motherhood because it is all about you Mama!

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