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Are you looking for a place to put an advertisement that will reach a certain type of people? Does your product or service focus on families, those who need or want to learn American Sign Language, or mothers and teachers? If you answer yes and fall into one of our main demographics, then advertising with Imagination Signing is the place for you and your business!

Becoming a partner with Imagination Signing is a great way to reach those in a very unique demographic where American Sign Language, Sensory Play, Teaching, and Family combine to bring in a wide range of parents, teachers, students, and caregivers.
Advertising with us is easy and can be done in 3 easy steps:
1. Contact the owner of Imagination Signing, Kabrina Budwell providing her with:
a. Your expected outcome
b. Type of business
c. Advertisement you want run or an example of your advertisement
d. Length of visibility on the website
Don’t Have an Ad Yet?: Imagination Signing can create your advertisement for you. This service costs $150 per advertisement created and rights of use are given to the company in order for you to use your advertisement elsewhere as well.
2. Once your advertisement has been approved, Kabrina Budwell will send over a price sheet and possible areas where your advertisement can be placed.
3. Finally, a digital contract will be signed with payment and your advertisement will run for the agreed upon time.

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